RealtyTrade.com, Orlando, FL based time-share resell outfit is a scam and swindle. There have been multiple complaints regarding its refund policy, which is zero, despite its own contract. RealtyTrade representatives will lie that an offer was made, thereby negating a refund. Representatives debit a credit card without prior approval. This organization has no right to deny refund when client has fullfilled obligations stated in contract. This is an outfit which takes in the service fee but will not return same after contract termination (after 6 months and written notice within a ten day period after contract termination).

This outfit has many complaints against it and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce makes note of their refusal to refund where necessary. RipOff.com also has complaints for ripped off RealtyTrade clients.

RealtyTrade representatives will call once to deny refund then will not respond to any further inquireries. If you wish to sell a Time Share, this is one outfit you must avoid.


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This company said they sent me an OFFER to my email. I never recieved it. When i called them they tell me to go to my contract. here is what the contract stated:

All offers will be delivered electronically to the email address that has been provided in Owner information listed above. All offers will be sent by network.database@realtytrade.com. It is Owner’s responsibility to monitor all email correspondence and ensure email address is accurate, as offers will not be delivered any other way other than electronically via email.

I looked thru all my emails and never saw anything, but they said they sent it, and i got it, so no refund. :(


We have also been scammed by Realty Trade.We were also given 2 ladies e-mail addresses and were never contacted by these ladies.

We don't feel these ladies existed. At the end of our 6 month contract we sent a registered letter requesting our refund which was denied. Mike Holland called us and told us he would guarantee he could sell our unit -- gave us a phone number in California (Bamidele Olowa)-- I made contact with Bami and he agreed to purchase our timeshare. When I mailed him a "purchase agreement" signed and notarized by my husband and myself --that ended our contact with him.

His phone said "no longer receiving incoming calls" and of course he never answered our e-mails. Therefore, we feel he was a plant and not a true prospect. When we called Mike he was to check on this problem -- never heard from him.

Now I've been told he's no longer working there.SCAM


The Central Florida BBB has logged over 200 complaints from 2008-2009.The complaints keep rolling in.

The Florida Attorney General's office is investigating their illegal practices.

Everyone that has been ripped off by this company must complain to them and to the Orange County Occupational Licensing Division.Virtual Groups license number is 3400-102686085.


You people are a totally immoral outfit and pretend to submit an offer, when in

fact the proposed customer does not even

exist and then you refuse to refund our

deposit because you say it was our fault

we could not get in contact with this bogus

customer. You should be ashamed of scam-

ming people like us who have trusted you

for six months and then don't get our

money back and have wasted six months.


I had a very similar experience, doubtful in the beginning but within 21 days I had a rental check for$2,820.00 as promised.I have since joined their unlimited rental program and have had several offers thus far.

Thank RealtyTrade the good will spread as well.Convincved and Thrilled.


I have actually sold both my time share properties through this company and the only issue I had was the up front fee that I really didn't want to pay.But when it came down to it I worked with them with the hopes that they were not like the rest.

THEY actually proved me wrong.

Both properties were sold and I am 71,000 richer!Thanks Realty Trade

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